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Artist Statement

Why do I paint? I paint because it gives me joy and I love seeing how the whole creative process unfolds.  I began painting in my forties after my children were in school. I had been working in the travel industry  but career plans changed and now I had time to pursue something I have always loved "art".

I started out in watercolor.  I loved the way the paint would flow onto the paper as if it had a mind of it's own. I loved the playfulness of this medium and the many challenges that went along with it.  I have explored watercolor in many ways, most recently with watercolor monotype. 

I have also worked with acrylic, collage and most recently encaustic.  Encaustic, I find is a wonderful medium to use with collage which I have always enjoyed. The heated wax bonds beautifully with the surface as the two dance into a fantastic journey. 

Art for me is discovery, one never knows what to expect. Just the imagination of a creative soul.

My experience

My experience would include showing in local restaurants, the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, the Walters Community Center in Hillsboro, OSA (Oregon Society of Artists), Insomnia Coffee, the Wild Arts Festival which benefits the Portland Audubon Society of Portland and Sequoia Gallery and Studios. I am also going to be involved in upcoming shows with two of my art groups, Fresh Eyes Critique group and West Side Women's Art share. 

Contact Me:

Phone: (503) 730-7309

         or (503) 681-2189

Email: sageodog@hotmail.com